MMG Enhanced Valuation and Analytics (EVA)


MMG EVA provides full access to our propietary enhanced valuation and analytics system.


Using EVA, MMG Wealth Management clients are able to:

  • Have insights and analytics of their Investment Portfolio.
  • View historical portfolio valuations and movements.
  • Calculate time-weighted performance for any period of time.
  • Study contribution of asset classes and currencies to performance
  • Download monthly historic account statements.

Available 2016 for all of our investment portfolios..


Private Banking

We help clients meet their financial objectives with an efficient offering of integrated service delivered by a team of qualified financial advisors and banking specialists.

Our wide range of products and services includes security transactions, and deposit accounts in all major currencies.

Advisory Portfolio Services

We are commited in working together with clients to understand their particular financial goals to provide customized investment advise tailored based on return and risk tolerance. We believe in optimizing asset allocations to produce well-thought investment strategies. 

Financial Securities Services

Our open architecture allows us to execute security transactions, as well as mantain and service financial assets across more than twenty markets and over ten currencies. We employ state of the art technology for the management of clients positions and work with world renowned custodians.

Platform for External Asset Managers

MMG Bank provides a dedicated team that services regulated external asset managers who refer clients on a fully disclosed basis. Our world class platform permits a flexible fee structure and portfolio management tools. 





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