Institutional Sales and Trading

Our dedicated team offers access to all major markets and asset classes. We leverage our experience and carefully selected list of counterparties, Market Makers, and desks across the world to provide fast and responsive trading solutions.

Custody Accounts

Our open architecture allows us to hold and service assets across more than twenty markets in more than ten currencies. We employ state of the art technology for the management of client positions and work with world renowned custodians to service assets efficiently.

Distribution of New Issues

Team Members are in constant contact with market participants. This is key in adding value to our customers because it lets us gauge demand. We work with our Corporate Finance team to signal and determine the proper level of pricing for the new issues MMG Bank brings to the market.


Asset Backed Lending Program

 The Custody platform would not be complete without granting our customers the ability to leverage their portfolios. We have developed a proprietary mechanism of granting borrowing power based on the characteristics of the security composition of each portfolio at very attractive interest rates.

Market Makers for Domestic Debt

Since the inception of the Government’s Market Maker Program in 2011, MMG has been an active participant providing liquidity for Panama´s local debt issues. Participants are granted exclusive access to public auctions and secondary market trading of local Government Notes and Bonds.