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About us

Our History

In 1996, partners at Morgan & Morgan decided to establish MMG Bank Corporation for the purpose of providing money management services to Morgan & Morgan operations as well as partners and close relationships of the firm.  However, as more clients became aware of the availability of banking services within Morgan & Morgan, the operation started to grow and a decision was made to pursue opportunities in asset management and focus this activity as the driver of its long-term growth and core business. In 2005 the bank developed an investment banking unit which became an important contributor the banks’ commission revenue by exploiting synergies with the asset management and banking businesses. Today, our corporate finance and investment banking team is one of the most active originators of publicly traded local issues of private capital enterprises in Panama, including Real Estate Investment Companies under Panama´s new Real Estate Investment Company Law as modified December 2013. Through our subsidiary MMG Asset Management, we are one of the few Panamanian institutions to offer discretionary management services.

With a current staff of over 140 people, MMG Bank has been successful in leveraging the network of Morgan & Morgan relationships built for over 90 years not only in Panama, but also in Latin America and the rest of the world. By the end of fiscal year 2015, we are managing approximately $2.5 billion in total assets: $650 million on the balance sheet and $1.85 billion in assets under management (“AUMs”) off the balance sheet.

Who Are We


      We help our customers protect their assets and achieve their financial goals.


      To be the leader in private banking and investment banking in Panama with the largest portfolio of assets under management, both locally and internationally recognized as the best Panamanian group for comprehensive asset management and financial advisory.


  • Commitment
  • Fraternity
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork



Experienced profesionals

+2 Billion

Assets under management


Succesfull public offerings


MMG Bank Corporation Rating

Key Rating Factors Highlighted by FItch Ratings


    • Solid Asset Quality


    • Outstanding Financial Resutls


    • High Liquidity


    • Solid Capital Adequacy


      • Strong position in very niche market




Long Term

F1+ (pan)

Short Term




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