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Online Privacy & Security

At MMG Bank, we are committed to safeguarding your online privacy because we recognize the importance of protecting our client’s personal and financial information. To that regard, we inform you of the following:

MMG Bank uses firewalls to help limit entry by anyone without proper authorization and protects your account information by placing it within our website’s secure environment. For that reason, it is necessary that you enter your User Name and Password each time you want to access your account information. You should never share your password or personal ID identification with anyone.
MMG Bank’s security protocol is among the most trusted in the online industry. When you access our secure applications, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your connection through server authentication and 128 bit encryption, the standard international protocol.

Any sensitive personal information that you send to our website is held in a secure environment, protected by tools such as firewalls. No representation is made, however, regarding the unconditional security of such submissions.

MMG Bank recognizes and respects its customer’s expectations in terms of privacy. One of our priorities is to store our customer’s information according to the security measures needed to maintain the confidentiality required by law.