We continue to make a difference as an institution and are committed to maintaining the leadership we exhibit in the business niches in which we participate.

  • Client Oriented

  • Catering to every client while calculating all possible risks.

  • Strategic partners

  • A corporation with more than 90 years of experience in diverse disciplines

  • Holistic solutions

  • Intimately interconnected solutions deriving from core strategies

  • Strong relationships

  • Strong relationships based on trust and excellence.

MMG Bank Corporation

MMG Bank Corporation is an institution specialized on helping clients protect their wealth and meet their financial goals by offering Wealth Management, Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Global Banking services from Panama City, Panama.

In addition to private clients, we serve well-established Panamanian companies, financial institutions, and external assets managers.

At MMG Bank we are characterized by our commitment to clients, our confidence in our proceses, our expertise, and our continuously improving and innovative organization. 




Our mision is to help our customers protect their assets and achieve their financial goals.

  • BBB-

    Fitch Ratings

  • +2 Billion


  • +140


  • +1 500

    Satisfied Clients